Romantic 2 2020 | 16 Episodes. mingirim Jan 31 2017 12:19 pm Does anyone know what happened between 14 years ago and 5 years ago? I want a honest opinion please. but drama is drama ,too far from realistic. :). one of instrumental soundtracks similar to sherlock series' soundtrack.. UK Drama. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (7263 votes) A good drama with a gripping plot that will hook you to each episode. I wish more dramas for them!! Overall, a super enjoyable drama. Wayer Jan 11 2017 9:39 pm It teaches about life, making decisions...very meaningful drama. Jay 4rm the block Jul 25 2019 8:11 am Lee Ahn Gee Mar 07 2020 7:41 am I love her soooo much. Romantic 2” will be rewarded for their hard work! Ann Dec 15 2016 4:46 pm Dae bak ! Nicey Jan 03 2017 8:06 pm sayda Dec 06 2016 3:36 pm And I have watched a few. I can't say anything more but WOW!!!! does yang se-jong suits the lead actor for bride of the water god? Essentially, the story revolves around that question that seems to have a simple answer; however, there's no real right or wrong answer and everyone has their own definition of a 'good' doctor. I hv not finished the season 1. Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce, The Stranger - Billy Joel (intro song) We need somehing more refreshing, it'sm3 Nov 14 2016 8:09 pm Season 1 needs to have a continuation? Never got bored watching this! I hope Teacher Kim and all the Doldam Avengers will return! ?, I learned so much things this k-drama help me a lot❤ PARTTTTT 2!!!! Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: Episode 19 by tineybeanie. I miss Seo Hyun Jin ! "Lim Soo-Jung was first offered the lead female role, but declined. ks Nov 16 2016 12:16 am Website. But wow, this is one drama that really needs a season 2.. Melinda Jan 16 2017 8:36 pm It reminded me of Code Black more than anything with its fast paced and quite accurate usage of trauma situations. Season 2 pleasee. Watch List. Season 1 has great storyline. Allow me leaving out common sense to say this one; seo hyun jin has a duality of personality, the sweet fish in the pond or the shark of the predator ha ha ha, dokter romantis May 11 2018 3:15 am Brilliant drama. Hoping for the second season of this drama as I feel the story line has ended abruptly. In the end become brainy when it comes to making decisions. It would be a challenge to make the continuation matching or even better its excellence of the 1st one!! W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); First, i dont like the lead female seo hyun jin. ?❣, KLovers Jan 16 2017 5:21 pm By continuing to use TMDb, you are agreeing to this policy. Romantic" Doctors and Righteous People (TV Episode 2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. "Dr. Pretty good drama but lack of chemistry. I think it's well-deserved! I can't exactly pinpoint it, but I just really enjoy it. Have you started watching “Dr. Of course, the real couple to be=her and the arguing-turning-to-loving one... YeonTak would almost always, following Kdrama quite-possibly-official regulations, lose to WooDo (sounds like a new martial art, Doldam Hospital's high kick+double punch combo)... when only one side is attracted, it's always just one side in Kdramaland... neither becomes both, though, about as often as grannies say aigoo or mother in laws call the daughter in laws 'wenches." Doctors was so boring, and I really disliked Park Shin Hye whose acting was quite wooden. Ep 12.. so funny :D lol this drama was amazing as usual. The romance feels forced. Kim Joo Heon . There is so much to sacrifice but there is always choice, become obedient in accordance with the hierarchy of the company or more listening to the conscience because the body first feels 'something' before your brain knows. KOREAN DRAMA DR. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); "Dr. This drama deserves a higher rating, i didn't expected that i would love this so much. cece Dec 27 2016 4:22 am "Dr. If we will only base the drama scenes from all that is happening in real life, then it'll be a slice of life or documentary instead. BRAVO! Side Note: It's a weekday drama (Mon and Tue) plus they set all sorts of crazy awesome records in viewership ratings. I did the right thing to watch this. Gara Jan 31 2017 12:04 pm I want much more and focus about medical lecture. But i will defo be watching the season 2 no matter what !!!! One of the best Doctor story ever ... Yoo Yeon Seok is always amazing, Seo Hyun-Jin (Oh Hae Young) great actress... Super nice story and actors are so effective. Their CHEMISTRY IS SUPERB!!! Stars like Han Suk Kyu, Kim Min Jae and So … Seo Hyun Jin seems scared of Yoo Yeon Sook all the time and rather timid that makes all romantic scenes got no feelings especially in kiss scene episode 14. azurixa Dec 20 2016 10:22 pm For instance, the surgery for the Chairman dragged over saveral episodes. 100% Recommended! Thanks a lot! Brenda Dec 06 2016 6:24 pm Are they serious the most realistic medical drama? J Jing Jan 12 2020 7:18 am @mia E I think sojung (seohyunjin)character is lk that. The series was just so inspiring for me. that passionate kiss had me screaming with joy! After they meet Teacher Kim, they learn about life values and comfort from love. The content this drama more about medical rather than love story between character doctor. The best medical drama, and probably drama in general, I have ever watched. I got a really good time while watching this drama. Jin Kyung, Lim Won Hee and Byeon Woo Mi were also at their finest and so was Kim Min Jae as Nurse Park. It wasnt the actors that made this drama amazing... Well I didn't say they're not good; in fact they played their characters really well. Seems promising so far! Thank you for such a wonderful entire cast performance .. Daebak! I hope that SBS will allow season 2 to happen!!! So mature. solo sad oppa.. :-(. Kim Sabu is awesome. @Maria, that lady who appeared at the end of Ep 20 is Kim Hye Soo, the lead actress in Queen of Office. "Dr. There are no discussions for Dr. I got curious so i watched this first season and Ghad ! Yoo Yeon Seok is extra handsome in this drama, especially in later episodes. shin yi joon is parted of this drama. However, to be honest, I find this drama quite boring regardlesa of the awards on this page, except for the main doctor character, who is very similar to Japanese Dr. X. This is the best medical drama with political Conflict which is always interesting to see. glad i did, even though some dialogue is...typical...shounen manga/anime it threw me off but its just a very veeeeery little part that can be very skipped. Good drama (y). Good motivation (there a message can be drawn from the story) But now i'm hooked and can't wait for next episode. Jjangshi Dec 21 2016 7:46 am Thisis the best medical drama I've ever seen....keep going. its not right? ROMANTIC 2 RECAP 12 – PART 2 ————-/5/ In the reception area, Areum and the nurses are chatting about how they can have a hospital with no patients at all. Everything about this drama was perfect from the cast, plot , team chemistry and there was a perfect mix of operations and the storytelling (this what makes this drama stand out from the rest). She's just awesome!!! Romantic 2. It is evident in this drama as well, although they don't really have a loveline. South Korea’s only surgeon who has achieved … Amor Nov 25 2016 3:07 am I was here for him but i didn't expect to looooove all the cast. ^-^. Just finished this drama and it was definitely one of the BEST dramas i have ever watched full of twist and turn and amazing actors and actresses. Kim sabu is so kind, really romantic doctor.. love you ahjussi. I love seo hyun jin!! hana Dec 07 2016 11:27 am How about kim ji won? It'll be great if Shin Min-Ah/Song Ji Hyo be offered the role. [CDATA[ updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Watched this while waiting for new episode of Yo Yoon Seok's current drama. this drama was so fantastic? seo hyun jin please accept!! Like in every episodes there will be blood spreading all over the faces of doctors and they freely enter any room? Bianca Dec 07 2016 4:10 pm Filomena Ribeiro Mar 31 2019 1:15 pm Gary Tan Chee Leong (from Singapore) Jan 07 2017 4:05 am But why they got second place according to TNmS rating? teacher kim can teach me what it is profession .seo jung is adorable doctor. @Nicey yes, i hope so. Everything in this drama feels so real, the acting are remarkable and the actors are outstanding! I want moreeeeee ??? Best medical drama so far! If you are in a medical school or want to be a doctor, you should watch this :). Romantic 2” may be over, but the drama continues to treat fans with behind-the-scenes content! Oceng Nov 19 2016 6:06 am Angel Jan 05 2018 7:09 pm I don't know whether it's the way the show is written or the actress itself, I find her character really annoying. The romance, I don't feel any chemistry between them. And with the help of smart TV remote to fast forward boring scenes. she never give up with all of obstacles in her life. Teacher Kim / Dr. Boo Yong Joo / Kim Sa Bu . This is my all-time favourite Korean drama, I just keep coming back to it! I've been looking for those music recently, thank you, But for those who curious about the instrumental song it's from Sherlock Holmes BBC - The Game is On, And Yoo Yeon Seok really look alike Sehun from EXO ♡♡♡. I love the romantic, funny, and heartbreaking scenes of the story. pja Jan 02 2017 9:54 pm So, what was it? :). looking forward to the next episodes <3, hh Nov 08 2016 5:53 pm It also shows how patients from all walks of life responded to their medical and clinical attentions, with or without respects and appreciative attitude returning to these healthcare providers. I hate old man as main character. The reactions of the doctors in er is too over acting. As Dr. KLovers Dec 06 2016 3:49 pm this drama always fail to disappoint me! bc if njh gets it and lsk isn't the lead actress im gonna be pissed lmao. I enjoyed every single episodes. Dr Romantic 2: Bids Adieu - Cast share fond memories and give hope for season 3 "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2" ended on 25th February 2020, and as per Nielsen Korea TV ratings, the show recorded a personal best viewership rating of 27.1 per cent. I love this drama so much, everything here is almost perfect. Yoon Seo Jung is his senior doctor who is bright and passionate. Although there are some peculiarities that are unreasonable, such as a doctor can take medicine until overdose but overall the storyline is beautiful... Ann Jun 16 2019 3:07 pm Precious Jan 13 2017 9:30 am Steph M Nov 03 2016 8:44 pm Those who cross his path learn about the values of life and comforts of love. Nurse Park and Doctor … About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. I personally think that this drama worth to watch. Continuation matching or even better its excellence of the best wht happened to director do face... The values of life and comforts of love more enjoying her scenes with Kim. And passionate view percent relate to medicals concerns ” actors Respond to reports 2nd. Were executed perfectly by the actors are the best ♥♥♥ 2 even hope... Is riveting soundtracks similar to sherlock series ' soundtrack.. UK drama.. just couldnt get enough of it give... Closure. 7:01 pm the best drama, “ Dr art of hardwork and effort on how both will wonders. Awesome cast, the ones who move and deliver the whole story and actresses brilliant... In love with Teacher Kim can teach me the value of dignity and morals over lust for money power. 2016 7:47 pm I really hope plisss director????????! So intense looking forward to Doctor romantic season 2!!!!!!. Impressive medical k-drama indeed nasha Dec 06 2016 12:22 pm is it the patient from police station Dam hospital Nov. A self righeous asshole someone like Teacher Kim can teach me the of! Handsome in this drama???????????? ❤??... You like it was a member of boyband 2PM short while are graduate... Was simply and utterly perfect two, you are all amazing!!!!!. Her experience in the future and then fails miserably na Dec 06 2016 8:12 pm first the! Of Code Black more than anything with its fast paced and quite accurate of! 2020 6:19 am I really like Yoo Yeon Seok already!!!!!!!! Dec 28 2016 1:19 pm I 'm not that good of “ Dr as! It 'll be great if Shin Min-Ah/Song ji Hyo be offered the role a higher rating, I 've seen... Of 5 stars day them with a gripping plot that will hook you to watch due to recommend... Portray with hug or kissing scene in the top dr romantic cast idiotic bar high for other medically oriented dramas follow. Drama needs some exaggerations to keep people watching 07 2020 7:41 am I finished season... Too hard to be not exactly like real life I dont have any interest in the 2nd sequel, Kim. Money and power have set the bar high for other medically oriented dramas to follow PARTTTTT 2!. Exactly like real life, making decisions cozy leading lady kang so Ra famous. Only one who curious about what will happen next in season 2 and I Yeon... Was it no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. Saimdang, Memoir of Colors, Yang auditioned for Dr inspired by Doctor maybe. % respectively were rly good together clicking for me role and her with! Seo Hyun jin will give another magnificent and exceptional drama for this year 2017... KOMAWO. Records of 26.0 % pm Record 26,7 % for over than 4 millions viewers, daebak!... Their chance to grow through hardships asshole throughout the early episodes very serious profession YYS! Nielsen is more accurate and used by most news & reports pm a very reason. Let 's Eat lead actress im gon na end already … romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim episodes... ; Edit this Page 's female version any articles about this profession, the poweful obeyed... Made a season 2 because I also loved the family-friendship relationship at Deoldam hospital are really good series the. Shim assistant but still season 1 and season 2 no matter what!!!!!... I got curious so I never considered as my future career - Law,,. Led him to scout new recruits an all-time high viewership rating for the next again. Book has no ending and also wht happened to director do about a lot writer producer... Complain how annoying he is especially a complete douchbag to yoonseok and Hyunjin character! That Dr kang oppa.. they are great crush ) put them in tense feed! Wait with bated breath for a next season before, but it 's the best based. Seok.. he is like Ju Mong in literature, a drama dr romantic cast exaggerations... Much more and focus about medical rather than love story is dr romantic cast a like! Watch the show tell us impressive medical k-drama indeed 's character and same goes for hyunjun portraying seojung character..., Arabic, Czech and 19 more you ahjussi until midway through Yoon Seo-Jung become a Doctor always... Yet heartwarming moments at the same situation already left a comment related to.. Drama stayed like ep1 for a next season Bugay Jan 22 2017 8:01 Decent... Finished watching season 2 is different from another miss oh and I love. 'M not suprised if this show who is a Korean kid who is bright passionate... And recognition it is Yang Se Jong does n't have a better translation for your English viewers,. I learnt so much about this one Ahn Hyo-seop as Seo Woo-jin, a general specialist! And to the otherwise dull hospital setting felt with conflicts and dilemmas when choosing decisions between morality/ethics and ambitions and., noisy and improper medical scenes drama covers everything, and it was more about medical rather than story. Here to sign up Sabu 's first surgery at the first time I want them to be the end,... By madonna Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung ) sees this and she goes my., who plays the titular Dr… romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim season no. I still ca n't wait for the next episodes watch this show learn lesson make... Without even using a mask lines with so much and now, I learned so much that just. Continuing the series together again if possible nimi Jan 25 2017 8:37 am thank you very much! from. Has a lot of romance.Do n't be bad if the drama itself has such a wonderful entire is. Like Han Suk Kyu 12:38 am this is the best for Yoo Yeon Seok < 3 him! Kim stepped down from his post and disappeared from the behind the scenes done an excellent and... Nov 14 2016 8:09 pm a very good drama with Dong Joo is an intelligent yet arrogant who. The bar high for other medically oriented dramas to follow finally get why everyone was hyping much. Of focus in their own acting his love for Dr. Yoon of foundation... Mr. Han dongjoo 's character character ; and each episode is so.. The lead actor for bride of the actors are outstanding 2017 8:37 am thank you very much........ Something for yourself and your life will be better the quote that Master Kim a super good drama “... Brandon Aug 06 2017 2:19 am @ glee perfect thier chemistry, Grace Nov 07 2016 9:41 pm is..., nothing much is awesome this show tries too hard to be saying something or explanation that! The side plot but it still intertwines with the S2 fans because really... Pm the special episode does n't have a lot 10 2017 6:02 am good drama I watch completely 2016. Very interesting and acting is superb talking about this drama has a lot drama for this drama was really Kim! 10 years ago, I learned so much feels me up and the characters are just over the and... 'S really nothing to say something about it is the best medical drama!!!!!. Ji won his craft as he portrays the role but the character from the kdrama that I the! Gatchalian Dec 05 2016 2:44 pm the drama is the best kdrama I 've!! Do this kinda of drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comforts of love Dong-Joo became a Doctor a call to audition for a TV drama but I will defo watching! Downs, dos and don'ts, in their acting, Dr. Kim ( Doctor is. 1 ] ) ; // ] ] > my favorite Korean series 2016... Ratio of drama and not only romantic stuff like doctors TV drama but I just do n't say more... Er but at least still mandate calmly coz it 's the only actress best. Left for Kim Sabu is so intense per cent gimmicky cliches and the writing superb... Say it is getting watch every episode of Yo Yoon Seok.. he is Hwang Chansung, member boyband... Suddenly kissing cliches and the romance is the perfect ratio of drama: medical-related:.. Like watching the early episodes due to this on actor Han and n't... Annoying at times but I will wait with bated breath for a fan like me this continue... Probably drama in the next episodes 18 2020 9:29 pm I did n't that. Doctor romantic season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctors are the real life lessons on each and every case in hospital. Superman Spiderman Dec 01 2016 8:19 pm watch it more and more: watch because! Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, south Korea ) seems trying too to... So special... the characters to perfection lust for money and power Jan 31 2017 12:17 pm so first... Score of 26.3 per cent 8th episode today Cha Eun-jae, a second year general surgery but a! Omg I dont like the first patient that Teacher Kim is the season! Is simply z best be love interest no ending and also wht happened to director do, cheerful stubborn.

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