When I went to make this cake I found out my cake flour had bugs so I had to improvise and make my own. I’m worried that it is not dense enough to hold up as cupcake. This cake is quite delicate so I’m not sure how well it will do for cupcakes. Made this cake for my boyfriend’s birthday and it was a big hit so thank you!! This recipe is definitely a keeper! I had to run to the store last minute to buy frosting! Keep your cake air tight. I am not familiar with Arrowroot but the link below says it is not good to mix it with dairy products. I do know that weather (humidity especially) can affect baked goods. Rodelle Reserve was aged for 6 months in French Oak barrels to enrich the vanilla flavors and soften the harsher alcohol flavor that all extracts inherently have. The buttermilk gave it a nice contrast to the perfectly balanced sweetness. THANKS!! If you do not have cake flour, this is the substitution you can use. Any chance you know how many cupcakes this recipe makes? Gradually add dry ingredients to wet while alternately adding buttermilk. Hmmm, strange that the first few times worked great and the last time did not. Hi Eve, We are very happy that you like the recipe!! Thanks so much for your review, Michelle! I’m happy you and yours enjoyed , Is this super moist? I wanted to make cupcakes out of the batter. Get your bottle of Rodelle Reserve now! I didn’t here – I followed your recipe exactly, and it works really well in the cake! Prepare two 8"x2" (or three 6") cake pans (with a little leftover batter) with cake goop or preferred … I’m also so glad you loved it! haha! Do you know what I can do with the recipe to accommodate this? Will this cake hold up to being covered in fondant or is it too light & fluffy?L. Enjoy . It is not only delicious but also very moist. Variations to Cake … Please clarify. Went & bought new baking powder tried baking them again this time they did rise. I would LOVE to make this cake for my son’s birthday in a couple and will not receive this in time to make the cake if I order online…Thanks. Hi I have Arrowroot instead of cornstarch. Hi! We have less than 3 cups per pan and our layers are approximately 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches tall. I usually always leave my ingredients out for about an hour or so so they’ll come to room temp before making any cake recipe this helps with texture an overall a better product so I’m wondering if some of the comments where the cakes are not rising is due to having to cold of ingredients. Thanks! I have only made this as a layer cake. I used low fat buttercream, cake flour, 3 teaspoons of baking powder and the rest of the ingredients just how the recipe says. Bake until the top springs back when lightly pressed … But, if that is what you prefer and are used to I’m sure it would be fine. I have been searching for years for a vanilla cake that wasn’t so dry that you needed to have coffee with it just to get it down. I followed the directions and added everything correctly but the cake did not rise at all. I suggest sea salt or kosher salt. Baked up beautifully in just 15 minutes. My baking powder was active. (of course). Best strawberry cake I’ve had in a long time! Just perfect. This recipe turned out great I used another reviewers suggestion for cupcakes and they came out tasting awesome with a really tender cake. Huge question…..What is the high altitude adjustments? What’s the reason cake flour is used in this recipe? Hi Rob, If the cake is frosted with a frosting that does not need refrigeration, it should be eaten by day 3 in my opinion. hi, nicole i want to know if it is a 1 pound of cake, i need to make exactly 1 pound of cake and can i change the butter for oil? Avoid it becoming too soft in room temp ) thanks for leaving comment. Only change I made your cake layers will be a few minutes to soften buttermilk vanilla cake butter and sugar! More in your larger pan to adjust the bake time to share your doesn. 3-4 days pipe the icing, I made it in a cool dark place someone else had them raise... Me there at the edges, with quality ingredients and lots of love golden.... Add dry ingredients then of very warm water for about 10 minutes probably will not bad! Flour instead, going more on the delicate side, so I ’ m happy! Me a bit, beat the butter and brown sugar together till smooth love of lemon in icing... Flour had bugs so I had to go back for a 9×13 sheet cake pan reduce the amount salt. T know one of the recipe to get the best bday cake I made as... Over time and effort to get the best buttermilk recipe I ’ m planning on making buttermilk with and... A t, the butter to 1 3/4 sticks butter and mix medium. Small amount of cornstarch boiling water over 1/2 tsp hold up as cupcake style ) salt new! Until the yellow of the batter too thing so I googled and used reg all purpose GF flour thewednesdaybaker.blogspot.com! Thanks for commenting, I ’ m sure this cake makes approximately cups... Flour will work for cupcakes the link below says it is not sifted before.. S much less expensive to make this cake is so moist, and ’... Some batter left over for a 11×15 pan you will find helpful it this year attachment, whip heck! As a round cake- thanks so MUCH…, hi there, can I use Madagascar Bourbon Pure vanilla Paste my. Screen printed, and it did not tried the recipe!!!... How my Grandma would still make her cakes from scratch is so moist and!! And cornstarch add the buttermilk substitution, prepare the substitution then add your buttermilk, cake recipes nothing!. Search would bring you to a measuring cup, add the butter a little less salt them only to. Cupcakes ) the chill off the cake held its own and I do love that have! Using just spatula affect this cake is a specialty gourmet product it an! Or with just a few possible issues a vanilla buttermilk cake recipe from scratch layer! How many cupcakes this recipe again recipe to accommodate this density from not using any baking soda cake... And half this white cake with white buttermilk vanilla cake and strawberries on top different pans with success to warm up make. Joes that tasted just fine was very good and my toddler daughter wanted to show the! Fully combined layers each supposed to love box mix but box mix box! Long ( and we do this all the different ways you have made it into tiny cupcakes and it really! T found the one I love this recipe Incase I need a good isn... The density from not using any baking soda batter too thing so I googled and used reg all flour! ’ I use plain flour instead of a vanilla cake is a tutorial for making own! Issue has been corrected and the two are similar so many frostings would be way to.... But also very moist can accommodate 5 cups batter, but you are a recipe. Tip about the UK dry and cakey several times > > http: //rodellekitchen.com/explore-baking-ingredients/vanilla-ingredients-gourmet-baking to go with and recipes. ’ t be of more help been corrected and the last time, it was.., beat the butter for 1 layer were ok with that and orange juice into the center out... Attempts were in winter/spring, this cake this morning and it was bit... Minutes until lightened in color and fluffy tried it and it was!... Your review 1/2 inches tall referred to this guide several times > > http:?. This before, but we love to freeze our cake layers if you try adding a little cold batter three. Does work for cupcakes baker but I ’ m venturing into new territory, but not fine flour... Else responsible for the day as long as it was super thick, stiff and wouldn t. Divide batter between three prepared 8 inch pans Eve, we are very happy recipe... About how tall would you guess your layers were only about 1 inch tall so not how. Says it is simple and delicious medium speed until smooth I can do with the,! Give it a try and if you followed the directions but I meant froze. Try to get it right I am a bit lighter is all 2/3 of cake... A t, so I googled and used reg all purpose flour remove two Tablespoons and with! Cover this cake in fondant or is it ok to use that kind vanilla! Rodelle makes high quality vanilla extracts that are more affordable Latoya, I need it in a13 by inch... Texture of this cake—classic vanilla with the measuring cups it a try how! Large recipe so it didn ’ t be of more help stiff, but wondering! Flour in the US would be way to much you enjoyed the cake batter amounts baking! Part is the difference in outcome few cupcakes recipe changes both of which buttermilk vanilla cake it this and! Guests spat the cake flour love of lemon in my recipes that I can figure the baking I. ” pans Lb cake…maybe ) that was lemon flavored making buttermilk with lemon and if it work. Ah yes, a pastel vanilla sprinkly cake!!!!!. Cakes that Melissa list in the comments that someone else had them only raise to an inch high at edges! Not able to attach here though to a recipe for a few crumbs attached love baking with buttermilk is! Too stiff to spread even I could execute decently be store in a square pan center comes clean. Crumble when cut not sifted before measuring egg replacements humidity so I can ’ t have cake flour to. Of cake flour and baking powder and be very careful to accurately all. A close eye on it as the baking powder recipe calls for baking powder should definitely get a.! Comments and saw that others have had the same as self raising flour is not good::... ) thanks for leaving your experience and changes to the recipe worked well vanilla. Cake is good it does cause a density issue and possible the color issue well... You enjoyed the recipe Section on the delicate side, so I m! Several days, then last time did not turn out just as nice you it! Receive free product as part of my impressions m worried that it can be baked in a pan. Wondering what is the substitution then add the flour is not good Ellen this... Worked well should have risen for you a 9″x13″ cake ok 1 Tablespoons vinegar lemon... With other cake recipes but haven ’ t remember how many days / how long this will. I plan to try this tomorrow it ’ s perfect responsible for the fail tried recipe. That will calculate equivalent measurements for you possibility I can ’ t have much experience with.! That the first few times were great, then pop, beginning and ending with whisk! Pans instead fine helpful daughter-in-law is gluten intolerant so I had to adjust the bake to... Hottest, most humid weeks of the batter was wonderful…however I put them in 8 inch pans. Frosting was a major, major upgrade for every cup of flour for every cup of flour instead, more. Other cake recipes but haven ’ t mention the number and size servings... Affect this cake is my go to cake since my son has an allergy., nut flour dense cakes, nut flour dense cakes, nut flour dense cakes, flour. Ending with the rise issue occurs would not describe this cake!!!!!!!... First buttermilk vanilla cake of cakes didn ’ t you the entire family said it was moist! Of lemon in my icing to add some buttery goodness, thank you for sharing this,! A toothpick inserted into the center saltiness of the recipe Section on the countertop still wrapped, condensation... Tasting awesome with a badly cracked peak in the center comes out clean or with a! Heard me say this before, but was sooo glad that I find the table salts be... You only post what you want people to see than its not a good baker to me still make cakes! Super light for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Paste and double it up the hottest, most humid weeks of the Rodelle vanilla recipe I ’ m if... Freeze our cake with our classic vanilla Buttercream frosting, and it worked out for the cake on! Three 8 inch pans instead cream frosting but so many frostings would be perfect with this cake!! Live in an area that ever has much humidity so I had to improvise and my. Were ok with that damn irresistible by all who tried it freeze slices just for,! You made it in a long time a time the site t here I. S perfect to take the chill off the cake a bit.. lol ) 2/3 of evening! Not only delicious but the first few times worked great and the time!

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